David's Likes

Insider: David Larkin

Vital Stats

Birthplace: Newton, Massachusetts.
Marital status: Married
Occupation: Early-stage investor, strategic adviser
Employer: The Loft Group
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Calling Cards

Go-to cocktail: Lagavulin single-malt scotch
Trademark look: Smiling
Entourage (most likely seen out with): Do you mean my left-brain entourage or my right-brain entourage?  I try to mix it up.

NYC favorites

Restaurant:  Raoul's
Bar: 60 Thom
Nightclub/cabaret: My preferred music venue is Madison Square Garden for a big rock concert
Event space: My loft
Clothing store: Fred Segal (Los Angeles)
Furniture: Christie's auctions
Gift boutique: I like to find gifts on-line.


Board memberships: Trickle Up, Montauk Observatory





Best New York party you've ever attended (and why): The opening of Barney's on Madison Avenue years ago. They did conspicuous excess with class and style back then!
What sets Manhattan nightlife apart: For me it's not the big party's so much as small-semi spontaneous gatherings of remarkable people.  Whenever renowned writers, journalists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, policy analysts, painters and filmmakers—constantly refreshed with the smartest, most ambitious, best educated and passionate new arrivals from all over the world—have the potential to be gathered together, extraordinary evenings can happen.