Hilary's Likes

Insider: Hilary Rowland

Vital Stats

Birthplace: Toronto
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Primary Projects: Many! Project Migration, newfaces.com, Urbanette Magazine and check out HilaryRowland.com for the others.
Neighborhood: West Village

Calling Cards

Go-to cocktail: I actually don't have one! I like to mix it up and try new things.
Trademark look: I am pretty much always wearing something by Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana and/or Ralph Lauren Collection.
Entourage (most likely seen out with): I've learned not to say ;) I'm in the biz, so I have a lot of friends who are actors, entrepreneurs, writers or models.

NYC Favorites

Restaurant: I love to try new spots all the time, but my go-to staple is The Waverly, since I live very close-by and always run into people I know there. A friend of mine started Charles, which is a really fun place with incredible food, so I am there quite often as well. I also like Cafe Cluny for lunch meetings.
Bar: Rose Bar
Nightclub/cabaret: Duane Park
Event space: RDV's back room, for sexy winter dinner parties
Clothing store: Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren
Furniture shop: ABC

With Supper Club founder Tamsin Lonsdale.

At the Clinton Global Initiative with Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie.

At a masked ball with a friend.


Board memberships: Project Migration.
Host committees: Global Angels, Charity: Water, Supper Club, The Society, and many others.


Favorite social event of the year: My events! I put on fashion and film industry events—with runway shows—for newfaces.com, and part of the proceeds go to charity.
Best NY party ever attended (and why): Again, I think my events, because I know most of the people, and I love bringing people together.
What sets Manhattan nightlife apart: I think New York is the most exciting city in the world, and I love meeting new people here... so many of them are doing incredible, creative things! I love that there are always new things to discover in this city; every corner I turn, every day, things are always changing.

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