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Who Killed the Park Avenue Car?

Honking taxis were nowhere to be found on Park Avenue this morning. Nor were delivery trucks or town cars. Much in evidence, though, were bikers, runners, bladers, skateboarders, walkers and even members of the so-called Kangoo Nation (wearers of a very cool jumping shoe). As part of the city's Summer Streets program, today was the third and final August Saturday where, from East 72nd Street down Park Avenue and all the way past Union Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, closures gave active New Yorkers a rare glimpse of the cityscape from the middle of our roadways. 

I had the opportunity to run a full loop--from the Upper East Side to the Brooklyn Bridge and back, and was duly impressed by the courtesy extended between cyclists and runners, most of whom shared the streets graciously and without incident. Along the way, my fellow outdoor adventurers and I enjoyed music, giveaways and even stretching classes.

Of course, August being a huge month for vacations, traffic in the city was lighter than normal anyway. But still, how nice would it be if New York streets could be car-less for one Saturday every month? When that petition is drafted, count me in. Until then, all I can do is mark my calendar for Summer Streets 2012. (And who knows....I might even try it wearing a pair of Kangoos.) —THOMAS P. FARLEY

Photo courtesy of @inspiredcyclist


Chocolatey Goodness

The Chocolate Show melts the hearts of New Yorkers with a luscious fashion show where all of the models are dressed in mouthwatering chocolate. Includes interviews with models and designers as well as a peek at the delicacies on offer.

When the Night Falls...

Would you challenge American Idol alum Jordin Sparks in karaoke? Here's what she sang at last night's wrap party at the Bryant Park Hotel for her star turn in In the Heights.

Pop Goes the Treat Store!

Gospel Uptown
From the Naked Cowboy to the studios of Good Morning America, Times Square has just about everything. (Except locals, of course.) But you now have one more reason to make the trek to the Theater District...a pop-up store dedicated to...Pop-Tarts!

If you thought the Hershey's Store was fun, just imagine the trouble you can get into while sinking your teeth into one of these wholly unhealthy, but wholly yummy breakfast treats. The store opened this week and will remain in business as a guilty pleasure at least through January.

Insider Tip: Try the Pop-Tarts Sushi. (Yep. You read that right.) Good news: There is no fish in Pop-Tarts sushi. To Visit: Head to 42nd Street, between Avenue of the Americas and Broadway -- though not on an empty stomach. (Don't say you weren't warned.)



Same Name, Different Game. 


There’s a lot to like about the new Red Egg. For one, the space meshes the most notable aspect of Chinatown – a source of authentic, delicious food – with the comforts of a thoughtfully designed, chic and modern lounge.

Inside the big metal doors is a dark sparkle of fuchsia, crimson and copper highlighted with Tom Dixon light fixtures and 88 (for good luck!) exposed light bulbs swimming like koi fish above your head.  Underneath flows a crowd of the well-dressed and well-heeled, busy losing their past stresses with every pulse coming out of a central DJ booth. 

The night we were there, it was manned by the saucy DJ Stacy Stylez (above), whose fashion choices enhance her musicality, keeping the room as beautiful as it sounds.

It’s quite a successful transformation.  The restaurant that was now owns a new heartbeat that gets louder the later the night gets, as the adjustable cocktail tables get lower. It’s fresh in ways that traditional clubs and speakeasies had always hoped to be.

Oh, and did we mention that they serve dim sum (some of the city’s best!) at every operating hour? For more pix from the party, click here.


Bathtub Gin, Anyone?

It was 75 years ago today that the booze started flowing freely (or at least legally) once again in New York. After thirteen years of teetotaling, residents of Gotham, along with the rest of America, were finally able to drink martinis, margaritas and yes, Manhattans, with abandon. Celebrate this momentous anniversary with a trip to one of New York's legendary one-time speakeasies, among them, the '21' Club and Bill's Gay Nineties. Once you're inside, toss one back for a generation of New Yorkers that risked arrest anytime they gathered to share a cocktail. And count your blessings. Unlike they did, you don't need to know a secret knock.